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Peltier Thermoelectric Technologies


Use multiple modules under a common heatsink for greater power& performance


High Temperature

Up to 380C hotside


Power Generation

Modules & Systems for converting heat to electricity


Liquid Chillers

Thermoelectric Liquid Chillers for heat removal and cooling



For fiberoptical compnents and other miniature applications


High Power

Up to 600W of single stage cooling capacity


High Cycling

40-90C thermal cycling to over one million cycles



2-4 stage cooling modules for high delta T use


Custom and exact duplicate form-fit-function thermoelectric modules for cooling, power generation, and liquid chilling.


Quick-turn design, prototypes, and production.


High Temperature, High Thermal Cycling, High Power, High Delta T.


Thermoelectric power generators and liquid chillers.


Thermoelectric Coolers, Generators, Chillers